Live Male Crab and Female Crab – Mei Hua Market

Do you love seafood? 

How about crabs? 

At MeiHua Market we offer Live Male and Female Crabs that you’ll simply love. Live Carb means that those crabs are fresh and extremely delicious, and perfect for any seafood feast. Our crabs are also healthy, as they are a low-carb food. 

From the succulent meat of our live female crabs to the mesmerizing flavor of our male crabs’ claws, our selection of crustaceans is sure to please any seafood lover’s taste buds. Whether you enjoy a classic crab boil or the delicate flavors of crab cakes, our live male and female crabs are the perfect addition to any meal. 

So come on and indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of our premium seafood today!


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